Born from years of real-world experience managing and working alongside small to medium businesses, is 23 Fathoms, a Marketing Management Agency with a difference.

We’re energetic, enthusiastic, capable, collaborative, creative and we’re here to help you market your business from the inside out. We dive deeper into the customer journey and asses the internal and external factors contributing to your sales growth to develop an effective marketing strategy.

The 23 Fathoms family is a big and forever expanding one, filled with expertise in all areas of marketing from branding to graphic design, social media management, sales coaching, merchandising and so much more.

We work with carefully selected specialists who are at the top of their game.

Our marketing services range from planning, strategy, digital marketing, branding and everything in-between.

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At the helm

Emma Burdett, our founder and friendly leader, wants to get to know you, but why not get to know her first?

Where do we start with Emma? You could say that she’s one of the most positive, intelligent, down to earth, enthusiastic and energetic business women you’ll ever meet.

Her business management, creative, marketing and graphic design background, along with her depth of knowledge in various industries, makes her the perfect person to help take your business to new depths (seriously deep ones).

You can guarantee that she’ll be just as excited about your business as you are, and she’ll truly become a part of your team – think of her as a positive and proactive extension of your business.

Along with being a natural leader and highly creative thinker, her inherit ability to effectively translate and formulate innovative information is truly incredible (it’s even hard to fathom). You’ll love how easy it is to communicate with Emma and how quickly you’ll see a difference in your business.

What’s in a name?

Wondering what 23 Fathoms means? Great! Let us enlighten you!

When Emma’s not helping local businesses reach their highest potential, she’s diving in the Perth waters and beyond. So, it’s not surprising that diving was the inspiration behind her business name.

Let’s break it down.

Fathoms: A nautical term for measuring distance.
23 Fathoms: This equates to 41.4m.

We believe that effective marketing relies on the ability to see things from a different perspective.

What’s a way to see things from a different perspective? Scuba diving of course!

If it wasn’t already enough of an effort to be underwater, the majority of divers never exceed the recreational diving limit of 40m deep. Why? Because the barriers are so high with elements such as, training, equipment and experience requirements.

So, 23 Fathoms (aka 41.4m) is about taking it one step further than the norm, pushing boundaries and daring to go where others wouldn’t.

Let us help you take your business to new depths…

23 Fathoms – We mean business. So should your marketing.

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