Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cheaper to hire someone in my business to take care of all things marketing?

For some businesses, it might be! But for the majority of small to medium businesses, it’s not cost effective to manage all marketing in house. The difficulty is that you need a solid strategy to make effective use of your marketing budget.

Someone who has the skills to come up with this strategy and manage the execution is unlikely to also have the technical skills to do the marketing activities. So you end up paying a Marketing Manager plus the cost to outsource activities.

Then of course there are the complications with managing the performance of a Marketing Manager in house when you might not have a thorough understanding of the role yourself.

How frequently should I post on social media?

That’s not an easy question to answer! It comes down to your industry and the content you’re producing. Our greatest advice is to aim for quality over quantity!! There’s nothing worse than seeing aimless content posted for the sake of it. Need a social media content plan to follow? We make those!

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